Webb Pierce – Four Classic Albums Plus CD


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Artists: Webb Pierce Label: Avid Country Format: CD / Album Number of Disks: CD / Album Tracks: 1: In the Jailhouse Now1: A New Love Affair2: I Care No More2: More and More3: Don’t Be the One3: Even Tho4: Your Good for Nothing Heart4: I Know (It Was You)5: Just Imagination5: You’re Not Mine Anymore6: I Haven’t Got the Heart6: I Love You Dear7: Who Wouldn’t Love You7: Sparkling Brown Eyes8: You Just Can’t Be True8: Call Me Your Sweetheart9: I Found a True Love9: New Silver Bells10: I’m Only Wishin’10: I’m Walking the Dog11: Too Late to Worry Now11: I’ll Go On Alone12: I’ll Get By Somehow12: I Don’t Care13: After the Boy Gets the Girl13: Wondering14: There Stands the Glass14: I Owe It to My Heart15: My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You15: That’s Me Without You16: Life to Go16: Don’t Throw Your Life Away17: Sittin‘ Alone17: Love, Love, Love18: You Make Me Live Again18: If You Were Me (And I Were You)19: Back Street Affair19: Pick Me Up On Your Way20: It’s Been So Long20: The Violet and the Rose21: Slowly21: Tupelo County Jail22: Crazy Arms22: That Heart Belongs to Me23: Falling Back to You23: Yes I Know Why24: I Won’t Be Cryin‘ Anymore24: I’m Gonna Fall Out of Love With You25: Jilted Love25: Why Baby Why26: Heebie Jeebie Blues26: Little Rosa27: Jinx in Love27: Oh, So Many Years28: High Geared Daddy28: One Week Later29: I’ve Loved You Forever It Seems29: How Come Your Dog Don’t Bite Nobody But Me

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