The Tattoo Fox


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The Tattoo Fox is the story of a young fox who makes her home at Edinburgh Castle. Intrigued by everything she hears about the Tattoo, she endeavours to find out more. Her quest takes her to some of Edinburgh’s most famous landmarks as she befriends the local animals and sees the local sights. But nothing can prepare her for the fantastic spectacle of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. BACK COVER The Tattoo was a brilliant sight The fox went back there every night. A little fox makes her home by Edinburgh Castle and with the help of her new friend, the Castle Cat, she settles in well. But there is one question the Castle Cat refuses to answer. What is the Tattoo? ‚Just wait and see,‘ he tells her. Will she ever find out? This heart-warming tale was inspired by a real-life encounter between the Producer of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and a fox, late one night on the Castle Esplanade.

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