Drawing: Learn How to Master Tattoo Art Drawing & Design in Two Days


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Do you love tattooing and you wish to start making tattooes yourself? Do you wish to impress your friends, partner or cousins with your tattooing skills? Then this book is ideal for you. It will teach you how to master tattooing simple, cute and popular tattoo designs in just two days. If you have some tattooing experience, the required tattoo kit and the will to tattoo, the tattoo designs given in this book will be a piece of cake. And yet they will bring a smile on the tattooed person’s face. If you have never tattooed before, but you wish to start, this book will do the job once again. It will provide you with a crash course in tattooing because it gives you the basic requirements and guidelines for all future tattoo artists. The offered 21 tattoo drawings are ideal for your initial practice. Here is what you will learn after reading this book: – The six requirements you need to meet to become a good tattoo artist – The five basic tattoo guidelines – 12 amazing and extremely simple tattoo designs to make on the first day – 9 lovely tattoo drawings to practice with on the second day Tattooing takes years and years to practice, but the simple and yet trendy tattoo designs given in this book will help you take the first steps in just two days. So, why wait!

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