Bloom: Thorn Tattoo Studio, Book 3 , Hörbuch, Digital, ungekürzt, 296min, (USK 18)


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From the boardroom to the bedroom, Antonio DeRose is a man who always gets what he wants. And Antonio wants Evie. Antonio took a risk when he purchased Bloom Tattoo. The studio is a fixer-upper that could pay off in spades…or cost him Thorn, the family’s studio. He knows the key lies in making Evie Stuart, the tattooed sex kitten, head artist. He can see that beyond her beauty, the fiery girl has some serious brains, too. Evie, on the other hand, is more than happy to continue being a tattoo artist. She likes being free to follow the wild creativity of her imagination without risking the livelihoods of other artists. Because even though Evie can’t stop thinking about his scorching touch, she has no desire to share a boardroom with him. While pride brings them together it’s their shared desire that has them entangled. At first, Evie thinks that their head banging sex will keep her career change at bay – but when their shared passion begins to bleed over into the business, can either pull away from their love without losing everything? Or will they finally realize that you really can have it all? ungekürzt. Language: English. Narrator: E. M. Carberry. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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